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Blindness and partial-sightedness are ever present, with cases increasing in the western world in recent years. Arguably due to western lifestyles and the increase in disease such as type 2 diabetes, is there anything that can slow or even halt this current trend.

Without a real handle on definitive cause, medical science has focused more on treating the effects. Prevention better than a cure? All research affirms this position, but people today care less about prevention and more about treatment — such is the shortsightedness of the masses (no pun intended).

Cataracts, one of the more common ailments. This illness of the eyes typically affects older generations and is a result of the lens misting up as the result of years of sun damage (note, it can be caused by other external and internal factors… but this is beyond the scope of the report). Recent research suggest that while this problem is extremely treatable, contractors of the condition are steadily becoming younger (Cataract surgeon Lewis Center 2016).

Alarm bells should be ringing among medical professionals and the population a like. We are going blind sooner. Is there a human sense more valuable and crucial to our survival than site? Maybe, maybe not. Surely something needs to be done to pinpoint the root cause of this growing epidemic before it’s too late. To be clear, this is more than changing prescriptions for a few billion spectacle wearers. It’s more like a growing influx of cataracts patients that need avoidable operation to restore their eyesight. Lest we forget: all operations, regardless of severity, come with inherent risks and should be avoided when/where possible (National Health Magazine 2015).

This looks like bad news for all of us… I tend to agree. What to do? Go have a check up. They’re in expensive and free for those of you who have medical insurance.

Keepin’ it real

We’re arguably in the mist of the global economic recovery. Leading economists state a significant increase in home purchases and sales across the board. Not only that, rental transactions seem to be on the up, says one company, realtor florence sc.

Is this indeed what an economic recovery feels like? Has the economy recovered? The litmus test often being realtors and the housing market, development has been lazy in recent years at best. So much so, that what is considered a recovering market may be seen as the normal state of affairs.

The property market is here to stay — there’s no doubt about that. People will always need somewhere to live and just as importantly, they will need realtors to sell houses to them. But where is the market? Some economists feel the average home buyer is swaying towards renting. With house prices far exceeding average earnings and just as importantly, mortgages becoming increasingly hard to come by… renting is currently the most viable option for those seeking their own medium- to long-term accommodation.

Questions still remain if future generations should be left to the whim of landlords and agents. Many top government are calling for something to be done to allow more people on middle to low earnings. Historically, home ownership has been central to a person’s retirement plans with rented accommodation causing significant issues for those who do not earn a regular income.

Many of the nations largest banks have gone on record stating that they are developing special entry-level products for the next generation of home buyers. The thinking is to create a suite of nationally recognized financial products that will allow low-earners to better leverage their money against entry-level properties (e.g., small houses and apartments). Will this be enough though? Unfortunately, only time will tell.

The dirty side of news

You might be thinking that there’s nothing new with dirt. Well, you’d be half right but are you considering all things cleaning? Probably not. Recently, the US senate has passed a bill to limit the use of some industrial cleaning processes for fears of adverse damage to the environment.

The Cleaning Authority of Hagerstown, MD has gone on record stating ‘…industry simply can’t afford this kind of change. We’re already tied up in red tape, processes procedures and much more. We have a responsibility to our customers, employees and the US economy. These recent changes are a significant and adverse challenge that risks the future of many companies who operate within heavy industry…’

One of the main issues that has come to light is US industry’s competitiveness with China. When compared to Chinese policy the US continues to strangle its only means to address its economic deficit and ability to ever bridge the gap to China. On the flip side of the coin, can a country like the USA turn a blind eye to the environment, human rights, and corporately responsible behavior? You decide.

Have the senate fallen into the trap of thinking that the cleaning industry is so insignificant that legislative tinkering is OK? Many beg to differ arguing that cleaning products used in the homes of the average person cause far more damage than those used in industry. Government statistics estimate an average of 4 million gallons of bleach is washed down domestic drains each year into the water supply. This presents an obvious environmental challenge not to mention the additional cost needed to process recycled water. The question remains: would similar restriction on civil cleaning products present like effects? One might argue that consistency must be maintained throughout the legislative process, after all, chemicals are chemicals. So, next time you’re cleaning your toilet, think twice about what you end up flushing down it… it might have more of an impact than you might think.

Financial news

Sovereign debt in the US is at a record high with no sign of letting up. With each US citizen on average owing more than $50k dollars… is it any wonder?

The news is… there’s hope! Personal wealth management companies are growing in strength bringing financial tools to the masses, allowing them to better manage their money. More than just providing financial services products, independent financial advisers like educate their clients. We’ve all heard the saying ‘… give a man a fish and he will eat for a day…’ This philosophy is at the heart of the modern family’s finances.

Light at the end of the financial tunnel: Not limited to private individuals, wealth management services, like those provided by the men and women at Anderson Wealth Management, can be provided to business enterprises. After all, sovereign debt is everyone’s responsibility.

Investment services: The use of financial instruments was once reserved for hedge funds, investment businesses, the financially savvy and insiders. Anderson Wealth Management, and companies like it, grant money-market access to all! As the experts, these businesses can use their skill and expertise to provide assured returns for their clients. What’s more, they can pool the resources of their clients to exert more leverage within the money-markets, which delivers better returns for all.

Mortgage advice: This is more often than not the largest financial commitment anyone has to make. It therefore makes sense to find a mortgage using the services of a professional who knows what they’re doing. What’s more, IFAs usually have special market access, allowing them to get preferential products and rates. When these kind of deals can save you one or even one half of a percent… it can mean a huge saving when your spending potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Retirement planning and income protection are also services that are increasing in popularity. With a bit of luck and a trailing wind… we might be able to improve our situation… wouldn’t that be interesting.


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